Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Red Dwarf is back!

There just might be something to the deity stuff you know, because THE BOYS FROM THE DWARF are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were rumours and announcements last September of some new specials celebrating 21 years of Red Dwarf, for one of the free to air stations in the UK, Dave.

But now it's official and it's happening, and stuff is being done.

There have been persistent rumours of more Dwarf, especially a film, but nothing eventuated. Until now.

Two new specials are currently in production at Shepperton Studios.

More info here and here.

Smeggin' Hell!

All hail the might Dave, hallowed be thy name . . .


  1. Yeah, Craig Charles was saying on his radio show that he was going to be shooting the following Friday. Can't wait!


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