Friday, January 2, 2009

Large dinosaur fossil depoit

There’s a story on the BBC news web site about a large find of dinosaur bones in Shandong Province, China.

Chinese scientists are claiming that it is the largest collection of dinosaur bones ever found, with some 7600 bones collected since March.

There isn’t much information, but apparently the finds, from the Late Cretaceous, include tyrannosaurs, ankylosaurs, and the largest duck-billed dinosaur every found.

Since collecting has been going on since March there may be other information out there in the blogosphere.


  1. It's an exciting find, even if there isn't a whole lot to go on in that BBC story. I'm looking forward to more news about it!

  2. Darwin plagiarizes to Pierre Tremaux?

    I leave you the link to scientific paper that it affirms that to the idea of allopatric speciation borrow of a book of Pierre Tremaux.

    Trémaux on species: A theory of allopatric speciation (and punctuated equilibrium) before Wagner

    Tremaux's Book: Origine et transformations de l’homme et des autres êtres, 1865″

  3. Looks like Darwin bashing has started early!

    There is no support for your claim of plagarism in the paper you cite.


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