Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ignorance attacks atheist bus sign

And now, in the "I don't think they've thought this through" catagory . . .

A really sad Christian group in the UK, Christian Voice, has complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about the atheist signs on buses in London that say "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

The grounds? the signs break the ASA's rules on substantiation and truthfulness!

The ASA's code states "marketers must hold documentary evidence to prove all claims". The regulator said it would assess the complaint and decide whether to contact the advertiser.

There relevent portion of the code is:

marketers must hold documentary evidence to prove all claims.

The regulator is said to it be assessing the complaint and decide whether to contact the advertiser.

A spokesperson for Christian Voice (identity here concealed to protect the stupid) said,

There is plenty of evidence for God, from people's personal experience, to the complexity, interdependence, beauty and design of the natural world.

"But there is scant evidence on the other side, so I think the advertisers are really going to struggle to show their claim is not an exaggeration or inaccurate, as the ASA code puts it.

The British Humanist Association is not worried. Hanne Stinson the chief executive, said: "I am sure that Stephen Green really does think there is a great deal of evidence for a God (though presumably only the one that he believes in), but I pity the ASA if they are going to be expected to rule on the probability of God's existence."

I just have one word:


More from the BBC website.

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