Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oklahoma legislator admits human life does not start at conception

Mike Reynolds, an anti-stem cell research, anti-abortion, Christian fundamentalist, Republican (though you guessed that last one, right?) in the Oklahoma State legislature, has introduced a bill to thwart President Obama's removal of Bush's restrictions on stem cell research.

In part Bill 1326 reads, in part:
B. No person shall:
1. Knowingly conduct nontherapeutic research that destroys a human embryo or subjects a human embryo to substantial risk of injury or death;
2. Transfer a human embryo with the knowledge that the embryo will be subjected to nontherapeutic research; or
3. Use for research purposes cells or tissues that the person knows were obtained by performing activities in violation of this section.
C. Any person or any business entity recognized by the laws of this state that engages in, or is associated with a business entity that engages in, the actions prohibited by subsection B of this section shall not be eligible for any Oklahoma income tax credits. No state agency or retirement system shall invest in a business entity that engages in the acts prohibited by subsection B of this section.
D. Any person found violating the provisions of subsection B of this section shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a misdemeanor.
But wait a minute. Anyone that destroys a human or subjects a human to substantial risk of injury or death, would attract for more substantial penalties than a misdemeanor. Therefore, it logically follows that Reynolds does not consider an embryo as human, and that, therefore, human life does not start at conception!

Does his constituents, and more importantly, his parishioners (yes, he is an Ordained Deacon) know his views on when life starts?!

More at ERV.


  1. It's probably more a foot in the door type thing... but I do enjoy your reasoning here.

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