Saturday, March 21, 2009

Anti-Science Science Minister?

The recent statements by the Canadian Minister for Science have left the impression that he does not understand evolution and he does not accept evolution. The reason? When asked about whether he believed in evolution, he refused to answer saying that is was a religious question.

Actually, I have to say that, in part, he is right. I do not believe in evolution. I accept evolution is one of strongest scientific theories we have, because of the overwhelming scientific evidence that supports it, from a myriad of scientific disciplines. I do not believe in evolution. Belief is a religious question.

However, the Minister clearly wasn't talking about that when, in his response, he conflated evolution and religion. That, frankly, is a creationist response. His subsequent clarification also showed that he doesn't understand evolution.

As a consequence, he has been tagged, with justification, as anti-science.

So? After all, there is no requirement that the Minister for Science has to be a scientist, or accept one of the fundamental basics of modern science?

Well, having a science minister who doesn't accept one of the fundamental basics of modern science, is like having a health minister who doesn't accept that HIV causes Aids. Wait a miniute, we've had one of those in South Africa.

How did that turn out?

Umm, not well.

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