Monday, March 2, 2009

10,000th visit

My Statview counter had just clicked over the 10,000th visit. Not bad considering I only put it in on December 10th.

And the winner is . . .

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Someone from (or using a internet provider from) Morgantown, West Virginia. Whoever it was logged on using Comcast Cable using an IP address of 71.206.*** So whoever you are, hi and thanks for stopping by again. Feel free to say hi if you want too (here, or by email).

Morgantown has a population of just over 23,000 and is the home of West Virgina University (go Mountaineers!)


  1. Hi from Morgantown! I came for the Myoscolex and stayed for the discussions. Gotta love Paleontology!

  2. ok, this blog has personality. It accepts posting from IE but not from Firefox. Damn it. Sorry for spaming with tests. I'll be back. Until then I wanna say I've put your blog on the favorites bar in the browser.

  3. "It accepts posting from IE but not from Firefox"

    Not true (at least not at the time of this posting). I am posting this comment from Firefox. It must be something else


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