Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 and all that

[muffled thumping] [wins laptop away from visiting small people who are disconcertingly better than me at “Diablo”]

Since everyone seems to be doing reviews of 2008, why should I be any different?! Except for the fact I don’t have the list of posts that everyone else has, but anyway . . .

OK Started on 26 October, and had a big boost by having some kindly pointers to the new blog by PZ, and Larry Moran.

I finally put a counter on Ediacaran on the 10th of December, and since then I’ve had 1645 unique visitors at an average of 75 (it was >80 before Christmas). I’ve got no idea if that’s good, bad, or indifferent, but I’m impressed.

A big hi to Vancouver, Washington State, Portland, Oregon, and Rimini, Italy. According to my statcounter, you three have the most visits, so thanks and keep coming back.

Also a big hi to Tebingtinggi, Indonesia, Lanzhou, China and Pune, India – some of the more exotic locations that people have recently logged on to Ediacaran from.

One thing the stats showed was that I got a big rise in hits at regular intervals. A little digging showed that the hits swelled after each posting of PalaeoPorn. This indicated one thing - you should all be ashamed of yourselves (but look out for a big PalaeoPorn tomorrow – nothing like starting the new year with a bang!)

As the assorted small visitors here are massing for a frontal assault for the laptop, I think a strategic withdrawal is in order. Thanks for coming by, and have a great and safe 2009.


  1. What's most interesting about your top three cities is that Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR are just across the river from each other - so much so that they're almost the same city.

  2. The stats list the IP address, which is probably the internet provider rather than the individuals, but it is strange that the largest number of hits come from the Pacific Northwest – must be all that snow!


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