Monday, June 7, 2010

Disco Tute Sows. Reaps.

Looks like someone has had enough of the Disco 'tute's butchering of the truth.

The problem for the Disco 'tute is that Steve Matheson not only knows the science, but also is a Christian (not so easy to claim he's an atheistic materialist).

Having had a run in with the Disco 'tute's Steve Meyer and having been beaten around the head and face by what can only be described as a completely-out-of-his-depth Richard Sternberg wealding a feather pillow (see also here and here), Steve Matheson has declared open season on the Disco 'tute.

In a letter to Steven Meyer, Matheson writes in part:

. . . I can't state this strongly enough: the Discovery Institute is a dangerous cancer on the Christian intellect, both because of its unyielding commitment to dishonesty and because of its creepy mission to undermine science itself. I'd like to see you do better, but I have no such hope for your institute. It needs to be destroyed, and I will do what I can to bring that about.

This should be interesting.

Read Steve's account of the discussion of Steve Meyer's book Signature of the Cell at Biola University part I, part II, and part III.


  1. In Half Price Books last week I saw a copy of Dembski's "Uncommon Decent" in the science section. Rather than bothering the staff, I re-shelved it in the religion section.

    If, on my next visit, that piece of stupid has been re-shelved in the science section, I will complain, loudly.

  2. soliussymbiosus:

    I find your comment hilarious! I've done precisely the same thing in bookstores myself.Good job!



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