Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sam the Koala dies

Sadly, Sam the Koala was put to sleep at 1.00 pm this afternoon.

She was supposed to undergo surgery for abdominal cysts associated with chlamydia. However, the vet treating Sam found that her condition was worse that thought, with inoperable damage to her urinary and reproductive tract. As she was in considerable pain, it was decided to put Sam to sleep.


  1. I'm extremely sorry to hear that... May she rest in peace :(

  2. That's so sad. She survived so much but better for her to be put down now than to die in pain.

  3. That's a shame. The pics of her were touching.

  4. I have tears in my eyes, I'm so sad. She touched the hearts of so many people. she showed so much life will and courage, she really wanted to live.
    Rest in peace courageous little girl!! We will never forget you!

  5. I talked to a vet once at the koala hospital at the Australia Zoo, who told me a number of STDs are rampant among the koala population. He said it was the second leading cause of death (behind humans - mostly cars and dogs).

    Poor little fella


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