Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sam the Koala - latest

Sam the koala, who became famous after the Victorian bushfires for taking a drink from a water bottle of firefighter David Tree, is recuperating well.

Taken to the Southern Ash Wildlife Centre with burns and dehydration, Sam was one of 100 koalas taken in by the Centre. There are now only a few dozen left, including Sam, who has an eye infection, but is expected to be fit enough to be release soon.

Sales of a photo of Sam taking a drink from the water bottle has raised around A$510,000. A$500,000 will go to firefighters who lost their homes in the bushfire, the rest will go to the Centre, to develop a specialist burns unit to treat future burns victims.

Photo credit: the Herald Sun


  1. Great news for Sam! When I first saw the pictures of him I thought there was no way his burnt paws were ever going to function well enough for release. Glad to know I was wrong.


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