Sunday, March 8, 2009

Religious Ghouls - update

Apparently the excommunication has occurred.

The Vatican approves.

Welcome to Ratzinger's brave new world. After controlling the Papacy for the last years of the previous Pope, while Karol Wojtyla was, literally, a drooling idiot, Ratzinger successfully entrenched the fundamentalist's in power behind the scenes. His elevation to the Papacy has simply allowed him to consolidate a new fundamentalist catholic church.

Back come members of the fundamentalist cult of Saint Pius X, previously excommunicated (never mine the holocaust deniers). Ghouls like Sobrinho excommunicate people for trying to protect the life of a 9 year old girl, and the Vatican approves. But does not excommunicate the serial rapist of little girls, and the Vatican approves.

Never forget that these people want to control female reproductive rights.


  1. Huh?

    Call me a another drooling idiot if you must, but I really don't get this post.

    I don't see what Sobrinho's actions have to do with Ratzinger's papacy in general; the lifting of the excommunication of a nutty holocaust skeptic seems really off-topic.

    You may be right about Sobrinho's being hypocritical, but it isn't entirely clear. We know what the mother and doctor did. What we have now are allegations against the father. Couldn't Sobrinho be waiting for proof of the case against the father? (Assuming the father is a Roman Catholic.)

  2. Chris, I think yours is a very fair call and a sound assessment of the current church. Well, the church at any time actually. Its record is not edifying. As Josef Brodsky put it "To forgive some crimes is itself a crime."

  3. David,

    Ratzinger laid the groundwork for this when he threatened pro-abortionists, including presidential candidate John Kerry during the 2004 presidential campaign.

    Here in Australia Cardinal Pell threatened Members of Parliament over stem cell legislation.

    And Ratzinger didn't lift the excommunication on an individual, he lifted it from the Saint Pius X fundamentalist sect. The holocaust denier is a member of that sect.

    The rapist has confessed, and was caught trying to run away.


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