Saturday, June 26, 2010

What Does a GOP Apology Cost

By now everyone has heard of Joe Barton, ranking republican on the Congressional Committee on Energy and Commerce and his apology to BP.

However this allows us to calculate a handy base line.

Barton has received a total of $1,447,880 from oil and gas companies, and his apology consisted of 326 words.

The price of an apology from the ranking Republican on a Congressional Committee = $4440.00 per word.


  1. Open ID???

    As an aside:

    What does a few hours squeezing a final cement job cost? BP, if you don't do it.


  2. EDIT: Ok, that might have been kind of insensitive, but...


  3. And who do you think his largest benefactor in the oil and gas industry is? None other than Andarko, the minority partner in the ill-fated Macondo well.


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