Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Deltoid in the Top Thirty

Our very own Deltoid has made it onto a list of the top thirty science blogs at the Times Online.

Polite applause.

Unfortunately, the Times cannot resist a nod to its climate-denialist stance and has included the truly woeful climate-denialist blog Watts Up With That.

The comments make for interesting reading (and I agree with some of them that Times Online should replace Watts Up With that with Bad Science.)


  1. The Times did not have a climate -denialist stance until very recently. You can't moan about this as if it were a given, and the Times is just a stupid denialist paper, and always has been. The Times was blindly warmist until very recently, and changed under the massive weight of evidence.

  2. Really? Check out the Leakegate threads over on Deltoid to see what the Times considers 'evidence'

  3. Haha, looks like you copped one of Watts' minions that overflowed from his order to attack the 'Warmers' in the comments of the Times article.


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